Dont like the excise tab in MIGO?

CIN provides us with an opportunity to enter excise details during goods receipts using MIGO, if it finds that the plant is registered as CIN, and the PO contains a relevant tax code. Believe it or not, there have been situations, particularly when goods movements take place using alternate techniques, that the excise tab appears to be an unnecessary ailment.

If you do not want the tab, you may attempt remove the relevant MIGO checkboxes in the excise group config. But this will not prevent the tab from appearing (albeit with lesser options).

To do away with the tab permanently, a small tweak should help.

At the end of the FM J_1IEXGM_PREPARE_HDR_SUMMARY, there is an enhancement point. Create an implementation and set the following variable to abap_false (based on your own logic)


This will ensure that the tab does not appear.


Excise invoice tab in MIGO

Ever wondered how to debug the CIN part called during MIGO? How the new excise invoice tab appears, and how it gets populated?

It calls a BADI, similar to the tabstrip development, which is present in many systems.

But in order to debug this, the Function module J_1IEXGM_BADI_LINE_MODIFY can be checked.

Recently, I was wondering why the excise invoice tab doesnt appear while doing a GR for a subcontracting PO. As it happens, the code gave way, and I realized that I had missed the tax code in the PO. Cant help it, it is not possible to make the tax code mandatory in PO either. But at least I got the idea how to link MIGO and CIN.

Subtransaction type during MIGO

During part2 posting during GR, the cenvat clearing account is credited (as per the normal configuration). However, certain clients need to ensure that a different account is hit during stock transfers (so that they can monitor the cenvat clearing account to track pending invoices, for example). Hence a sub transaction type may be used, and the correct accounts set in J_1IEXCACC.

But how to ensure that this subtransaction type is entered by the user? In order to do so, this can be made to appear by default when excise invoice is captured / posted in MIGO.

The user exit J_1I7_MIGO_SAVE can be used for this. This is called during saving the excise invoice via MIGO. You can set the subtransaction type as per requirement.

MIGO excise tab validation

In MIGO, the excise invoice tab has a number of values. A client had the requirement to have a particular option mandatory (among capture and post excise invoice, only capture excise invoice etc). We fulfilled this by using an enhancement spot in the function module J_1IEXGM_CHECK_EXCISE_HEADER.

(of course we had to get the PO number by importing from memory, but it did work).

You have the following to change
Local interface:

The output code is something like:

ls_bapiret-type = ‘E’.
ls_bapiret-id = ‘8I’.
ls_bapiret-number = ‘036’.
ls_bapiret-message_v1 = ‘Excise Group’.
APPEND ls_bapiret TO et_bapiret2.